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Iceir Greyback
Iceir Greyback

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:09 am

Hello Everyone! This is my welcome to you all. My name is Dylan O'Brien and i'm English. I live in Birmingham, UK. I love Harry Potter, going on my computer, Roleplaying and hanging with my friends. I can't wait to get loads of members and speak to you all.

This is an announcement, just saying some important things.

Forum Rules:

- No swearing directly at someone. (Words like F*** and S*** with be changed automatically too DAMN and CRAP)

- No offensive racial comments.

- Refrain from double-posting. If you do it would be sufficiant to delete one of the posts.
- Be nice and kind to fellow users.

- Don't spam with meaningless posts. Try to make your posts meaningfull.

- Try as best as you can to use correct grammar and punctuation, this would be helpful and there will be awards.

- Don't creat pointless threads or thread in the wrong places.

Admin/Moderator Options;

!ban (Banned)
!moved (Movied topic)
!deleted (Deleted a topic)

- Please read all the stickys and announcements that you see.

- Have fun!

Thanks for reading this guys, have a great time on the forums.


It's only going to take one of us, to conquer the world.

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Forum Rules
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